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Wednesday, 10.9.2014


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Welcome address

Heidi Cerwenka / Roland Jacobs


Session 1

NK cell development, receptors, education

Chair: Lutz Walter

14:00 Hugh J.M. Brady (001)
The role of E4BP4/Nfil3 in NK cell development

14:36 Stephen K. Anderson (002)
Characterization of a weakly expressed KIR2DL1 allele un- covers a novel promoter that controls KIR expression

14:49 Arnika K. Wagner (003)
Adaptation of NK cell responsiveness upon altered MHC class I-dependent inhibitory input: efficient rejection of tu- mors with a missing self-phenotype and tolerance towards healthy cells

15:02 Eva M. Putz (004)
A novel non-canonical role of STAT1 in NK cells

15:15 Stephanie Trittel (005)
Activated NKT cells shape NK cell differentiation and educa- tion


Coffee break


Keynote Session

Chair: Chiara Romagnani

Miguel López-Botet (006)
Adaptive reconfiguration of the human NK-cell compartment in response to cytomegalovirus infection


Poster preview I

Chair: Roland Jacobs


General Assembly of the study group “NK cells”

of the German Society for Immunology

Ca. 18:00

Poster Session I (odd numbers)

Get together in the lobby Fingerfood 18-20h

Thursday, 11.9.2014


Session 2

Clinical aspects of NK cells

Chair: Ulrike Köhl

Sponsored by Innate Pharma

9:00 Jakob R. Passweg (007)
Clinical aspects of therapeutic NK cell infusion

9:36 Markus Granzin (008)
Automation of clinical grade and highly efficient NK cell expansion for therapeutic use

9:49 Catharina C. Gross (009)
Impaired immune regulatory function of natural killer (NK) cells in multiple sclerosis (MS)

10:02 Andreas Schulte-Mecklenbeck (010) CD56brightCD16-/dim NK cells exhibit enhanced migratory ca- pacity across the blood brain barrier and are the major in- trathecal NK cell subset

10:15 Dejene M. Tufa (011)
TNFR2 signaling due to binding of slanDCs’ membrane- bound TNF-alpha equips natural killer cells with enhanced functions


Coffee break


Session 3

NK cells and cancer I

Chair: Elke von Pogge Strandmann

11:00 Karl-Johan Malmberg (012) Harnessing Adaptive NK cells in Cancer Therapy

11:36 Julia Wild (013)
The TNF-family member BAFF is released by NK cells upon activation and facilitates diminished susceptibility of Chron- ic Lymphoid Leukemia cells to direct and Rituximab induced NK reactivity

11:49 Dagmar Gotthardt (014)
Loss of STAT3 in murine NK cells enhances NK cell- dependent tumor surveillance

12:02 Carla E. Schumacher (015)
The role of OX40 and its ligand in Acute Myeloid Leukemia: Expression, function and modulation of NK cell anti- leukemia reactivity

12:15 Sonja Textor (016)
Transcriptional regulation of the NKp30 ligand B7-H6


Lunch Mensa


Session 4

NK cells and cancer II

Chair: Heidi Cerwenka

13:45 Todd A. Fehniger (017)
Utilizing cytokines to optimize NK cell anti-tumor function- ality

14:21 Barbara Seliger (018)
MicroRNAs as regulators of the immune surveillance of tumors

14:34 Moritz Anft (019)
Decreased NK cell mediated immunosurveillance of EDI3 overexpressing cancer cells

14:47 Samuel Körner (020)
Development and preclinical characterization of an Fc- optimized CD133 antibody for improved induction of NK cell reactivity against solid tumors

15:00 Martha Chekenya (021)
Allogeneic NK cells efficiently kill glioblastoma and prolong animal survival in a NKG2D and KIR2DS2 dependent mech- anism.


Coffee break


Session 5

Effector functions of NK cells

Chair: Christine Falk

15:45 Yenan Bryceson (022)
CMV infection drives epigenetic diversification of adaptive NK cells with altered signaling and effector function

16:21 Maxi Scheiter (023)
S100A4 coordinates granule transport towards the NK cell immune synapse

16:34 Ali Akhdar (024)
The influence of immunosuppressive drugs on the interac- tion between NK cells and primary human hepatocytes (PHH) as in vitro model for solid organ transplantation

16:47 Jing Ni (025)
Macrophages dependent activation of CD4 T cells is re- quired for persistent NK cell function

17:00 Emily M. Mace (026)
Quantification of F-actin filament dynamism by non- diffraction limited STED microscopy


Poster preview II, Chair: Roland Jacobs


Poster Session II (even numbers)


Dinner for all registered participants

Friday, 12.9.2014


Session 6

NK cells and infection I

Chair: Marcus Altfeld

9:00 Galit Alter (027)
Signatures of NK cell mediated protection in HCV and HBV infection

9:36 Jerome D. Coudert (028)
NK cell response to MCMV is tuned in cis

9:49 Branka Popović (029)
Differential requirements of activating and inhibitory Ly49 receptors in recognition of MCMV-infected cells

10:02 Paola Kucan (030)
CMV lacking PVR inhibitor demonstrates dramatic attenua- tion and enhanced susceptibility to innate immune control

10:15 Richard Berry (031)
The Structure of the Cytomegalovirus-Encoded m04 Glyco- protein, a Prototypical Member of the m02 Family of Immu- noevasins


Coffee break


Session 7

NK cells and infection II

Chair: Reinhold E. Schmidt

11:00 Salim Khakoo (032)
Peptide mediated activation of NK cells

11:36 Grzegorz Terszowski (033)
NK cell response to human cytomegalovirus: Forget about memory?

11:49 Christian Körner (034)
NK cells expressing self-inhibitory KIR2DL receptors display reduced ability to inhibit HIV-1 replication in vitro

12:02 Aura Muntasell (035)
Antibody-mediated response of NKG2Cbright NK cells against human cytomegalovirus

12:15 Lutz Walter (036)
Progression to AIDS in SIV-infected rhesus macaques is associated with distinct KIR and MHC class I polymorphisms and NK cell dysfunction


Final remarks and departure

Organizing Committee

Local Organizing Committee / Scientific Committee

Roland Jacobs, Hannover
Christine Falk, Hannover
Ulrike Köhl, Hannover
Reinhold E. Schmidt, Hannover
Lutz Walter, Göttingen
Carsten Watzl, Dortmund

Scientific Committee

Marcus Altfeld, Hamburg
Andreas Diefenbach, Mainz
Elke Pogge von Strandmann, Köln
Chiara Romagnani, Berlin
Evelyn Ullrich, Frankfurt

Invited Speakers

Galit Alter, USA
Hugh J.M. Brady, UK
Yenan Bryceson, Sweden
Todd A. Fehniger, USA
Salim Khakoo, UK
Miguel López-Botet, Spain
Karl-Johan Malmberg, Norway
Jakob R. Passweg, Switzerland